Internet of Things

AWS IoT Core is a platform that enables you to connect devices to AWS Services and other devices, secure data and interactions, process and act upon device data, and enable applications to interact with devices even when they are offline.

What We Do

Device Virtualization

Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual (rather than physical) version of a computer application, storage device, or a computer network resource.

High Speed Data

We can transfer bulk amount of data with high speed without any data loss in your data using internet of things.

End Point Management

we have the ability to centrally discover, provision, deploy, update, and troubleshoot endpoint devices within an organization.

Artificial Intelligence

The ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.

How IoT works

The connectivity, networking and communication protocols used with these web-enabled devices largely depend on the specific IoT applications deployed .

An IoT ecosystem consists of web-enabled smart devices that use embedded processors, sensors and communication hardware to collect, send and act on data they acquire from their environments. IoT devices share the sensor data they collect by connecting to an IoT gateway or other edge device where data is either sent to the cloud to be analyzed or analyzed locally.

Sometimes, these devices communicate with other related devices and act on the information they get from one another. The devices do most of the work without human intervention, although people can interact with the devices -- for instance, to set them up, give them instructions or access the data.


Product Name : Smarthome


Smart home technology, also often referred to as home automation or domotics, provides homeowners security, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency by allowing them to control smart devices, often by a smart home app on their smartphone or other networked device. A part of the internet of things (IoT), smart home systems and devices often operate together, sharing consumer usage data among themselves and automating actions based on the homeowners' preferences.

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Product Name : Healthcare


Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices have made remote monitoring in the healthcare sector possible, unleashing the potential to keep patients safe and healthy, and empowering physicians to deliver superlative care. It has also increased patient engagement and satisfaction as interactions with doctors have become easier and more efficient. Furthermore, remote monitoring of patient’s health helps in reducing the length of hospital stay and prevents re-admissions.

Featured Product 1