Retail Pos

Retail management software is used to track inventory levels, sales processes, orders, and deliveries. It can also be utilized to generate production-related documentation such as work orders and bill of materials. You can run your Retail Business on your terms with the help of our software. With our retail pos software you can amange your supermarket, department store, textiles, etc.,

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Increase Sales

Expand your business with our multi-channel retail management system. Start selling your merchandise.

Manage Orders

Manage your offline and online orders with our efficient order management system. Also, you can create purchase orders, backorders and drop shipments, all in a single inventory management application.

End-to-end Tracking

Track every item or batch in your inventory with serial number and batch tracking feature. This way, you can either always keep a track on the movement of the items or have better control over the expiry of each batch.

Warehouse Management

Check stock level, manage inter-warehouse transfer, and generate reports for specific warehouses within seconds. Warehouse inventory management, at your fingertips.

Accounts Management

Manage all your accounts and help you manage financial data without breaking a sweat.

Customer Management

Manage customer detail with efficiently in our software without breaking a sweat.


Features of Retail Pos
  • Basic Inventory Control.

  • Barcoding & Scanning.

  • Transfer Management.

  • Reports and Dashboards.

  • Searchable customer database.

  • Promotions.

  • Mobile Registers.

  • Custom properties.