Restaurant POS software (or EPOS for “electronic point of sale”) is the place where the customer transaction is completed. In a restaurant environment, the POS acts as a hub where servers put in orders that are then printed in the kitchen.

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Increase Sales

Expand your business with our multi-channel resturant management system. Start selling your foods.

Manage Orders

Manage your offline and online orders with our efficient order management system. Also, you can create purchase orders, backorders and drop shipments, all in a single inventory management application.

Expense Managemet

It has all of the functionality that is needed in helping sort out expenses within the organization.Receipts, card expenses or mileage, track everything within one place. Finally, expense reports that just work.

Warehouse Management

Check stock level, manage inter-warehouse transfer, and generate reports for specific warehouses within seconds. Warehouse inventory management, at your fingertips.

Kitchen Order

Manage all your kitchen order from our software.And you can send your kitchen order token from our software.

Customer Management

Manage customer detail with efficiently in our software without breaking a sweat.


Features of Restaurant Management
  • Tracking of sales and taxes

  • Simple menu setup

  • User friendly order management

  • Inventory control

  • Comprehensive reporting and customer data

  • Employee management with pos security